Monday, April 30, 2012

Guest Bedroom Reveal!

We accomplished a TON this last weekend. I took Friday off of work and having that extra day to paint and fix things helped so much. I was able to paint all the molding, trim and closet doors in the guest bedroom and also picked out and painted the walls this great neutral color. I just cant get over how inlove I am with this bedroom now and how wonderful it looks. I find myself going in there and just staring at how lovely it is. It is finished just in time for my parents visit this next week! Here is a shot of how the room looked. You will notice two of our cats. Barley and old Joey- RIP little guy! Look at how DARK it feels in this room. Well the photo was taken at night but still, I just cant believe how much a couple of cans of paint can transform a room and a house!

And here is how the bedroom looks now!

I love love it so much! The color we used on the walls is from Behr called- Baja.

We also started a few more projects and they are on their last coats of paint as we speak. Should be revealing one tomorrow and the other later on this week. All that I will say is the second reveal is really looking SO amazing and I cant wait to pull the Frog Tape off that sucker and see the final product!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

We are ready for a Patio Party!

This past weekend since weather was SO incredible we could not wait any longer and had to go out and buy a patio set to go on our covered porch! We went back and forth on whether or not we wanted a four chair set or a six chair set and boy are we glad that we got the six chair set (the other two chairs are behind me in this photo). It will be great for upcoming parties and bbq's! We have been sitting out there most afternoons and evenings and just enjoying the warm weather! (Well except for the last couple of days). Anyways we just love it and cant wait to have people over! 

Last weekend we ran into our old neighbors (Paul and Krissi) while we made a quick trip to the old condo on the way to the dog park and they were very generous and gave us some Hens and Chicks and some little green succulents- I think they are called Sedum? When we got home we quickly potted them in a few pots we had and put the rest in our rock wall in the green belt! I so LOVE these little succulents! Thank you Paul and Krissi! You guys are awesome and we miss you!

Finally here is a shot of our little Cooper enjoying spending time with us on the deck!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Garden and Rhubarb Madness!

This past weekend I had Terry put some fence around our little garden box since our puppy Cooper has been having the best time jumping in the garden box and tearing out all of my veggie starts! The previous owners left us some fence and a few pieces of lattice. So the handy hubby crafted up this fence to keep the Cooper out! Its not the best most glorious fence ever BUT it is doing its job and keeping Cooper out and best of all it was FREE!  Please ignore the deteriorating green fence behind these photos! It will be replaced sometime this summer or whenever it falls down.

We were also looking at our rhubarb plat and it was ripe and ready to start the harvesting on that bad boy! It seems like I have always picked rhubarb later on in the summer and was shocked it was ready to go in April and after doing some research online I guess the normal season starts in April and goes well into the summer. Here is our rhubarb before we picked it:

and here is the after! We are hoping that it will continue to grow and produce more. It has a lot of little starts in the middle of it just ready to grow. We are also hoping that the little rhubarb on the left will start to get some more growth!

I have never had a rhubarb plant produce so much! These are big thick stocks too! After I cut the leaves and ends off, I weighed it and it was almost 5 pounds of rhubarb! We then sliced it in our food processor and I now have 30 CUPS of rhubarb in the freezer. So if anyone wants some please let me know! I have a feeling that we are going to start running out of room in our freezers!

We also have this old clothesline cemented in our greenbelt fence line. Terry has wanted to cut it that sucker off at the base since we got the house but I love it and might want to someday hang clothes from it to dry in the summer or something....so he decided that he wanted to "camo paint" it and help blend it into the greenbelt more. So I let him have his fun with spray paint cans and a couple of leaves. Here is the end result... It looks pretty cool. Even though I kind of want the camo design to go down to the base...it would probably get all over the chain link fence too and then we would have to camo paint our chain link fence ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Built-ins are complete!

This past weekend we finally finished painting the bar side of our built in cabinets in our family room. They look absolutely great now that they both match! We love the rich brown color and the new pulls! We are so happy to say that the family room is officially done being painted! Here are the before and after photos!


And After:


and AFTER!

Woo hoo! Feels great to get that one off our painting list! Just started painting the trim and molding in the guest bedroom this week. Stay tunned.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring is finally here!

We finally finished putting bark in our flowerbeds! It took 3 loads in our little truck but we got it done and all I can say is what a difference a little bark can make! Our yard looks so fresh and clean and new! We have also finished pretty much all of our spring planting and now we are just waiting for things to bloom! As you can see some of it already is. Love seeing all the colors popping up. Makes me so happy and everything smells so good! Here are some photos of how the yard previously to looked to how it looks now. Some of these photos were from how the house was when we bought it last year.

Front Yard:

Left Side of House:

Right Side of House:

Back Yard:

I will be sure to show photos of all the flowers when they start to bloom. This spring we planted Tulips, Iris, Gladiolas & Dahlia's. We also have lots of Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Lavender, Carnations, Lilacs, Heather, Peonies that we know of :) In our veggie garden we recently planted peas, sunflowers, zucchini, pumpkin, corn and our rhubarb is going crazy! Now that we have a yard of our very own we don’t have to worry about people ruining out plants like what happened on occasion at the condo. Needless to say we really are excited to have our very own private area to grow all sorts of things :) 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Time to paint the house!

So one of our MAJOR painting projects is coming up...the exterior painting of our home. We are so excited for this and planning and scheming on what color we want to paint it. Since we feel now like the dull grey blue and dark blue trim are boring and doesn't make the house have much curb appeal. We decided that we want to do a dark blue with a bright white trim and I really really really wanted a light yellow front door. Originally we were going to go with a red front door but I feel like everyone is doing that right now. Don't get me wrong I think red doors are incredibly beautiful and love them but I just wanted to be different. Plus the front entry way to our house doesn't get much light so adding the light yellow door we feel will really brighten the place up and make it more welcoming :)

So we have gone back and forth over hiring someone to do the work for us while we focus on finishing up painting everything else inside our house. Even though we would be paying more money to hire someone! They would have in done in a matter of days and we would have to take a week off of work and pray for nice weather and bust our behinds!! Not saying we are not up for a good painting challenge....Lord knows we are not afraid to slap some paint on something! We recently contacted about 3-4 painting companies and are waiting for the bids to come back in. Then we will try to add up the cost of us doing it all ourselves and make a decision. While we have been waiting on that I have found a few programs that would let us mock paint our house to see what colors we like. Below is a photo from the KellyMoore site of a basic house with the colors we want to use. We were told to pick from their list of "Stock" colors. I guess the have lots of it premixed at the store and it also lasts longer on your house. The main blue stock color is called called "Night Sky" the trim will be a stock white called "Swiss Mocha" then I photo shopped in a yellow door just so you can see what our overall vision is.

Then I took a recent photo of our house and painted it on another online paint program that Sherwin-Williams offers on line for free you just need to upload a photo of your house and manually draw out the areas you want painted and select the colors. The color I choose was as close as I could get to the KellyMoore color we want to use.

So what do you think of our choice? Doesn't it make the house look SOOO much nicer and modern? We are super excited to get this process started and see the finish product. Hopefully we will start the painting in the next month! We wanted to have it painted before our open house party in June! Stay tuned everyone for the BIG reveal on this one!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Built-in cabinets from blah to Beauitful!

Hello everyone! Well here is the reveal I was talking about last week. We finally got around to putting it all back together around 10pm last night. Sorry the photos are so dark! I will get some shots in the day time later on in the week when we finish painting the bar side of the built-in cabinets. We decided to paint one side at a time because it would limit the amount of drawers/doors laying on the floor for us to trip over.

Here is a before and after shot. What do you think? I really LOVE the new look! I was really torn about painting them the dark chocolate brown and was thinking that we should paint them white but I think we would have made a huge mistake painting them white and I am glad I listened to the hubby! The dark color matches all of our other furniture in the family room. We also added those silver pulls on to the drawers and doors. We ended up getting a box of 10 pulls for $10 at our local Ace Hardware since they price match!! The best thing about this project is that the total cost of painting this was just the price of the pulls $10!! Since we already had leftover paint and primer from the guest bathroom redo! We love projects that end up costing hardly nothing :)

I am so smitten over the way it looks and cant wait to have the other side painted to match! Tonight I plan on starting on the bar side and it is going to go so much faster since we don't have to deal with painting the top half!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Thrifty Finds!

I have noticed the older I get the cheaper I get. I am all about getting a good deal on something and refuse to spend tons of money on overpriced items. Now don't get me wrong. I don't just buy junk that will fall apart after a few uses. I am looking for nice quality stuff at a discount. Since we purchased the house I have gone to thrift stores in search of cute nicknack's or items we might need in our home.

I have recently been on the hunt for some more lamps for our living room and family room. I looked at a few department stores and refused to pay $80 or more for a lamp! I knew that if I kept searching I would eventually find a great deal at one of the local thrift stores and a few weeks ago I came across some pretty decent lamps. I ended up picking up these two lamps for under $30 at my local Goodwill!

Overall I am mighty pleased with them both. They both tie into each room very well with all the other accents we have.

Be sure to stay tuned. We will be unveiling a new reveal hopefully this week. Very excited to show you the before and after photos of what we have been working on!!

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