Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Bedding

Since Terry travels so much he looked at all of his hotel points and realized that he had a ton and turned them all in to Amazon.com gift cards. So with that money we ended up getting some new bedding to match the new Purple Dragon room ;) Now we just need to get something up on the walls. Especially the wall behind the bed. Have not decided what will go there...but when we do we will let you know. Anyone have any ideas for us?

Spray Painting

So Terry's wonderful cousin Amy gave us some items for the house she no longer needed. They were awesome but gold in color and didn't match our decor. So we grabbed one of our favorite go to products called Rustoleum All Surface Spray Paint in High Gloss Black. First we cleaned all of the items with a product called TSP and let it dry. We have been using this product on the walls, doors and molding to help get all the years of dust, dirt and grime off. It really works well and is a pretty easy step. Anyways, after we cleaned we applied a couple coats of the Rustoleum. I don't have photos of all the stuff we spray painted but here are a few. We got the candelabra in the below photo. The previous homeowner left the fireplace screen and tools and then their is the before and after of the mirror we recieved. What do you think?

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