Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nursery Completed!

Well it sure has been a few months since I have posted again. Yes, I have been a bad blogger!!! For one we have not really been doing too many home improvement projects all we have really been doing is preparing for our baby girl! It seems like its been forever since I have blogged but it has gone by fast. She will be arriving at the end of April!

Since this fall we have been going to some awesome consignment sales and gathering up bigger ticket gently used items for a fraction of the cost! I have also had a bunch of baby showers so we are pretty much all set as far as baby gear goes!!

I am not sure if you remember what our old guest room looked like but here is how it was last spring...
From this:

To This:

From all the painting we did last year we didn't want to paint her room yet again and were fine with keeping it the oatmeal color. The theme we decided to go with was "Owls and Woodland Friends". So be prepared for an owl overload :) Here is how her room looks now!!

Our pup Cooper loves following me every place I go in the house so I kept him in the photo shoot. We know that little Miss Addison and him will be the best of buddies in the future :)

The crib we got online from Amazon it is a Graco Victoria Non Drop Side 5 in 1 Convertable Crib. It got pretty high reviews and I just loved the detailing on the back side of it. So it basically breaks down 5 ways. Three of them are mattress height in the crib and then it will turn into a toddler bed and eventually a day bed. You of course need to buy a new mattress for it when it converts to a day bed. The bedding and mobiles were purchased at Babies-r-us and the theme is called Kids Line Dena Happi Tree 9-Piece Crib Bedding Set .This line also has the mobile and pink stuffed owl pillow  seen below too. The other two stuffed owls were bought at Pottery Barn Kids.

These adorable soft blocks were a handmade gift from a crafty friend. I just love them! The best thing about them is when she gets older she can toss them and they won't break anything or hurt mommy :)

Another shot of the crib. The letters I got a Joann's and painted them pink- the hubby then put them up with his new air compressor/nail gun :) He loved that part!

The Owl and porcupine were handmade my another crafty wonderful coworker.

The four box storage cube we got from Ikea. This coming weekend we plan on putting legs on it and centering it in the middle of the window. Since we have that pesky heat vent to the left we had to come up with a way to lift it off the ground. The owl/tree painting on the left was painted by another crafty co-worker and the little rocking chair below was a gift from a co-worker. It was her rocking chair when she was a little girl :)

Here we have her dresser and we also got this at Ikea. Just love how many drawers it has! The changing pad cover was all part of the Dena Happi Tree line at Babies-R-Us. The rocking chair and glider we found off of Craig's List for an amazing $25!!! I couldn't believe it! We drove all the way out to Tacoma to get it because it was such a smoking deal and the lady hardly used it! The Owl Afghan on the glider was a gift from a co-worker and she found it on Esty! The Owl Tree with Woodland Creatures we found on Amazon. I just absolutely love it! Putting it up was not the easiest though. Since we have a medium/course wall texture. Initially they were not sticking like they should. So we cleaned the wall really well with some TSP and then put the stickers up and got out my handy blow dryer. While Terry rubbed back and forth on the sticker I slowly went over it with the blow dryer and it seemed to do the trick! That tree is for sure stuck on the wall and will not be coming off anytime soon!!

Here is a shot of her closet. I tried to get everything organized by month/size. I also have all the blankets, burp cloths, swaddle blankets, sheets and cloth diapers all organized. I figured it was best to have everything as well organized as I could and that is just the way that I am. I am sure it will not last forever and will get messy but it helps being organized :)

So that is her finished room. It took a while to get it all organized and complete. After each baby shower I had, the room was just a disaster explosion of items. It took me a good 3 hours each time to get it all organized again and that included removing tags from clothing and getting it washed.

Now we are just patiently waiting her arrival. Currently, I am 35 weeks along. They are talking about inducing me a week early because I have Gestational Diabetes. So she could be here in just 4 short weeks! Everyday that passes she grows more and more and I feel myself getting bigger and bigger. Most of the time I move at the pace of a wounded turtle and she has recently begun to stretch out into my rib cage with her little feet! The heartburn, indigestion and sharp pains are almost constant BUT it is all worth it. We are both very excited to meet her and just fall more in love with her. We are ready!

Here is a photo from last week at 34 weeks along!

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