Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where have I been?

Not sure if any of you have noticed that my posts have significantly dropped in the last few months. Well, I do have a very good reason for that....and that reason is that I am pregnant! Yes! We found out at the end of August.We wanted to get everything major done on our house and after we did we decided to start trying and it happened right away! So the home improvement projects have come to a stop. We have had a few things done here and there but hired a contractor to do them all. So now that we are expecting. I am not sure where this blog is going to turn. I think it will be more of a family blog and photos of our munchkin etc. I am sure we will still continue to have home improvement projects...we will just not be pounding them out every week non-stop like before!

Everyone is always asking how I am feeling. In the beginning I was nauseous in the mornings when I got up and on my way into work. Thankfully my wonderful husband would cook me breakfast and have a glass of OJ ready for me to head into work in the mornings. Surprisingly the OJ helped take away a lot of the nausea for me. That instant sugar rush was just what I needed I guess. Unlike a lot of pregnant people I was not hungry for much. Nothing really sounded good to me and I really struggled with meat. I didn't want anything to do with it. It really had to be cooked in with something and in very small pieces to get me to eat much of it. Something might taste really good to me one night for dinner and the next day the sound of leftovers would make me ill. Thankfully, Terry is really awesome about eating my leftovers and is not picky at all. Gotta love that man! The closer and closer I got to the end of my first trimester the less nauseous I was. Thankfully!!! I did however and still do have to pee what seems like every 5 minutes! Seems like our walks with Cooper have to be cut short a lot because of this...but what can ya do?

Now that I have reached my half way point- 20 weeks as of Monday-I am not as picky about eating food and have not got nauseous at all. Fingers crossed it stays that way. I still have had no real cravings. Kind of wish I had something crazy I craved to tell people but nothing yet! Or a funny story about me having Terry run to the grocery store at 2am to get some pickles and peanut butter...but nothing yet.

We did find out early in November that we are having a little girl! We are very excited for her upcoming arrival on or around April, 29th.  We have also decided on her name and it will be Addison Grace. Thankfully we only argued it out for a week and came to a decision. :)

I have also started taking photos of my progress. Here I am at 18 weeks along.

I am going to continue to try to remember to take photos of my monthly progress. I also hope to add some upcoming projects before Addison arrives. Like I want to redo out bathroom floors, build a head board for our bed and of course redoing the guest bedroom and making it a nursery for Addison. Stay tuned.

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