Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NYE Weekend Projects

So we were quite busy over the New Years holiday. Terry painted the trim, windows and closet doors in his office. We still need to eventually paint the walls but Terry just needs to decide on a color.

We also finished up our bathroom. Painted the walls and took down all of the "senior proofing" in there. Added some new towel hooks. Eventually we will replace the old linoleum....but that will have to wait a while since we have so much more painting to do :) W really do love the look of our new bathroom. Feels way more modern with these colors.

We also finished getting all the furniture from Terry's Aunt and Uncle. Our formal living room is pretty much fished except for the painting of the walls & trim. It feels so wonderful having something in this room now. Starting to all come together. We love it, and so do our kitties!!

As far as the furniture goes we only have one more item to get and that will be a formal dining room table. We will be getting that in a few weeks. Check back later for more :)

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