Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guest Bathroom is finished!

I am happy to say I finished all the painting of our guest bathroom last night! I really love the light green with dark wood cabinets. I was torn for a few weeks on which shade to paint the walls (blue or green) because I wanted it to be light and bright! During the day the light from the skylight comes into the bathroom and it looks so fresh, clean, new and just wonderful!

Eventually down the road we will replace the old sink faucet with a newer modern one but its working great for now. Here are the photos of the transformation process. Doesn't it just look SO much nicer?

I am so thrilled with how much nicer it all looks! Below is a rough breakout of what it cost us to do this project. Doing it this way is such an affordable budget friendly way to revamp your dated bathroom...all you have to do is be willing to put in a few weekends and a little elbow grease and you will end up saving a ton of money! A lot of the knick-knacks we already had and I didn't get specific with breaking down the cost of paint bushes, roller, tape. Since we already had that too.

Ace Cabinet Door and Trim Primer with two shots of brown $27 (with $5 off coupon)
Ace latex paint tinted  Dark Brown $30
Ace latex wall paint- Color Veradale $25 (with $5 off coupon)
Towel bar- Ace $10
Hand towel bar- Home Depot $15
Silver pull knobs on cabinets- Ace $10

Total Cost: $117!!!

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