Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Anna's Hummingbirds

Ever since we bought our house last October we have noticed a family of hummingbirds living around our yard and greenbelt. After doing some research we found out they are called Anna's Hummingbirds. They do not fly south in the winter months and actually stay and live here all year long. We have spent countless days and evenings watching these little guys. I am not sure exactly how many we have living in our greenbelt but I am pretty sure its about 4-8. All day long the make their little screeching grinding sounds and dive bomb each other....and sometimes myself.

Recently we recently purchased an automatic wireless remote shutter release for my SLR camera and set it up on my tripod to get some good shots of the humming birds. I absolutely love this automatic shutter release. It will trigger the shutter up to 100 feet away. So its great for shots like this and say family portraits. Much easier than hitting the auto timer button on your camera then running back to make the shot in time.

Here are the shots we got on Saturday evening of a few of our hummingbirds. From the looks of them I believe that most of these are females. The males are really bright and colorful their entire head is colored.

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