Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our deck is finally fixed!

Our lovely dog Cooper...he is still in his puppy stage. He just turned one year old this month...but he still loves to chew and destroy things. He thinks that everything is his to chew on! We are trying to break this habit because it is now costing us a lot of money. Before we had a carpeted deck. We liked it and it was nice to be able to go out there and vacuum it off. Yes, it was old school and a little grampa-ish but we had no plans of changing it in the near future. See below:

Well last month Terry was packing up for a work trip and he put Cooper out on the deck. Well Cooper saw him packing up and normally we bring Cooper with us where ever we go. Well Terry left for his work trip around noon that day. I come home from work around 4pm and Cooper has decided to tear all of the indoor out door carpet off the deck in front of the screen door all the way back to the furniture....

As you can see Cooper completely destroyed the carpet and even though he looks sad and remorseful in this photo he sure was HAPPY to have me come home and find this mess...I on the other hand was NOT happy. In fact I was furious! But since we didn't catch him doing it their was not much we could do about scolding him for it- since it would do no good.
We did lots of research on what we should do to fix it. We could of spend around $50 and got more indoor/outdoor carpet just to have him destroy it again. We also thought about getting a paint on sealant product but thought that the deck would not be able to breath underneath and it also takes days to dry in warm weather...which we don't get in Seattle in November. So after a weekly trip to Costco we came across these 12x12 deck tiles that just lock into each other. They were certainly not cheap ($400) but we thought they were the easiest to install and would allow the deck to breath and we figured that Cooper would not be able to destroy them since they are made out of this synthetic hard plastic material.
So Terry ripped off the old indoor/outdoor carpet and then pulled up all the old (somewhat moldy) plywood off the deck and we were glad that we found a pretty decent wood deck below. We were able to put the tiles right over the wood deck. We are really happy with the new more modern look of our new deck. Its unfortunate that we had to spend so much to get it fixed but in the end it does look a lot better.


  1. Great job on the desk! Don’t forget to regularly clean the deck though, since those spaces can be pot-holes for dirt and bacteria. Sorry, just my two cents. But again, great deck! Kudos to a job well done. :D

    - Kylee Groves -

  2. So, ever had any trouble cleaning your deck? Kylee over here seems to know a lot, and I appreciate her two cents on the matter. I think she gave some good reminders. :D Anyway, thanks for sharing about your deck project. It looks neat and clean. I’m remodeling my house, too, and this is a good inspiration for the deck. Thanks!


    1. Hey there, No we have not had a chance to clean it yet. Since we finished the deck in the fall we were waiting until spring to clean it and will be pressure washing it. The good thing is that our deck is covered so it doesnt get too dirty :) Thanks for the comments and advice!

  3. Maybe Cooper doesn’t like the old carpet, and that’s why he ripped it off. Well, I hope that was Cooper’s real intention. :) Anyway, I think you should never regret that he damaged the old carpet, because you could have not discovered that your deck will look much better with the new flooring. I absolutely love the new floor! It made your deck look modern and stylish! It’s like something you’d see on glossy magazines. :) ->Keaton Oakes


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